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Husband Appreciation Day

Why does everyone win on Husband Appreciation Day? Because we’ve got a whole day of recipes that will put every rind loving couple on cloud nine! Here are our tips for celebrating in a BIG (and tasty) way:

Tweet: Let's vote: #PorkRinds for #breakfast, #lunch or #dinner? All 3!’s vote: #PorkRinds for #breakfast, #lunch or #dinner? All 3!

If your husband is a pork rind lover, there’s no better way to celebrate him on Husband Appreciation Day than with, well, a full day of pork rinds!

Pro Tip: Double each recipe so that you can celebrate alongside your hubby! See? Everyone wins!

Pork Rinds RecipeBreakfast
Wake up to the smell of our You Won’t Believe It’s … Not French Toast. This kid favorite gets an upgrade when you add our crunchy Southern Recipe Original Pork Rinds.

Pork Rinds RecipeLunch
We don’t know about you, but nothing says, “I love you” like a Pork Rind Encrusted Catfish Sandwich. It’s filled with the flavors of the South … What pork rind fan could say no?

Pork Rinds RecipeDinner
Finish off this day of appreciation by making our easy Chicken Cutlet with Pork Rind Breading. It’s flavor upon flavor with the combo of chicken and pork rinds that can’t be beat.

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Batter Up! 3 Stadium-Ready Dishes

On April 3rd, baseball season will kick off with a Sunday night World Series rematch between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals. There’s (almost) nothing better than that first pitch and the pop of a catcher’s mitt – it signals days of lounging on the front porch with a cold beer or glass of sweet tea in our hands, doesn’t it?
So, whether you’ll be at Kauffman Stadium or biting your nails as you watch the game on TV, we’ve got three fan favorite snacks you don’t want to miss, especially when you’re a pork rind lover like us.

Tweet: 3 stadium ready #snacks for baseball fans and #porkrind fanatics: stadium ready #snacks for baseball fans and #porkrind fanatics:

What makes these our favorite baseball season opener snacks? They’re:

1. Salty
2. Savory
3. Crave-able!

Pork Rinds RecipePork Rind Nachos: If you’ve never strayed from tortilla chips, now’s your time. Pork Rind Nachos (courtesy of Fit Living Foodies) are easy as pie, which leads us to our next stadium favorite …

Pork Rinds RecipeChicharones Guisados: OK, this recipe for stewed fried pork rinds isn’t technically a pie, but it certainly does the job of highlighting everything good about the pork rind! Thanks to Serious Eats for a seriously amazing recipe.

Pork Rinds RecipeCaramelized Pork Rinds: Forget caramel corn! We’re calling in the Caramelized Pork Rinds from Epicurious to really get the baseball season rolling. You’ll be eating ’em by the fistful!

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