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Hey, did you say it was National Bacon Day?

Bacon. For many, just saying the word bacon brings tears of joy. It’s no wonder there’s a special National Bacon Day (well, truth be told, every day could be “bacon day”).

From chocolate dipped bacon and Cheesy Bacon Popcorn to Bacon Banana Bread and Bacon Oatmeal, this crunchy treat can be eaten almost everywhere.

Almost. Try pulling it out of your pocket at a ball game on an 80-degree day.

That’s where we come in. Pork rinds give you that bacony flavor without all that greasy mess. And the mighty rind can be used in recipes just like our crispy cousin. Whether it’s our recipe for Pork Rind Breaded Pork Chops or a hearty BLT Dip recipe, rinds hold up just fine. Bacon can have one day, we’ll take all the rest of the days.

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From Here to there and Everywhere. Thank a Truck Driver.

Southern Recipe salutes the men and women who put the pedal to the metal and deliver nearly all the products you buy. Join us in supporting #Roadlife and the Trucker Drivers who make our lives possible by entering our Rig on the Road Contest for a chance to win $2,500.

It’s easy to enter, just a photo of your favorite Truck Driver (that could be yourself) and you could win $2,500! Don’t know a Road Warrior? Don’t worry, you still can win other cash and prizes. Find out how to enter or check out all the amazing photos that have been submitted of our friendly Truck Drivers! Hurry, to be eligible, you need to enter by September 17.

@SouthernRecipe can't move our rinds without truckers! Help us thank the truck drivers who drive our nation!@SouthernRecipe can’t move our rinds without truckers! Help us thank the truck drivers who drive our nation!

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Thank a Truck Driver and Win!

Did you know … 90% of all the food that you eat has been delivered by a Truck Driver? It may seem crazy, but it’s true! And yes, that includes pork rinds!

That’s just one big reason why we’re giving a nod to all of those hard working #Roadlife Warriors out there! We’re proud of the job they do and want to reward them for their efforts as we gear up for Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Join us! When you do, you’ll get a chance of winning $2,500.

Tweet: @SouthernRecipe is celebrating the #TruckDriverAppreciationWeek with a chance to #win $2500!Tweet: .@SouthernRecipe is celebrating the #TruckDriverAppreciationWeek with a chance to #win $2500!

Truck Drivers and pork rind lovers across America can now enter the Rig on the Road Contest for a chance to win $2,500 cash (hey, that’s a lot of rinds) and other prizes! PLUS, you’ll be supporting The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund just by entering.

It’s easy! Truck Drivers – and those who love them – submit a photo from their home state or a state they’ve driven through and you could win! But that’s not all, we also have other ways to win. Get all the info right here.

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