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March on rind lovers, it’s time to bust your bracket with some foolproof (with emphasis on fool) tips. Let’s have some fun and forget all about the stress of picking the final four or hoping your team gets out of the first round.

Forget about picking from the gut or using science to pick the winners in each bracket and use our tips to see how well you do this year.

calvinRound One: My mascot is meaner than your mascot
Pick your teams by which mascot would win in a fight to the finish. No, we mean the real animal-type mascot, not the freshman stumbling around in a paper mache head. Here at Southern Recipe, we think the University of Arkansas has one tough mascot (Go Hogs).

Round Two: No brainer
This round we’re going to make it easy on you. Pick the team that has the most wins during the regular season. If both have the same number of wins, pick the team that has the higher seed in the tournament.

Round Three: Vacation spot
Find the city where the college resides then pick the location you would like to visit on vacation. Lafayette Indiana vs. Miami Florida may or may not be a tough decision for you, but we guarantee you’ll know where each college town is located.

Round Four: Spin the color wheel
Pick your teams based on the team colors that you wouldn’t be caught wearing at son or daughter’s wedding.  No counting for style, you just may pick some winners when the conservative side takes over your bracket.

Final Four: With a nickname like that …
Pick your teams based on the best sounding player nicknames. Scout? Not so good. Cracklin? Much better (well, we do like the rind names).

Championship Game: I like you best
For the final game, we want you to pick the most likable coach. Ok, putting differences aside, there’s got to be something you like about one of these guys.  Think of it this way, which one would you most like to sit down and have some Southern Recipe Hot & Spicy Pork Rinds and a cold beer with? There, that wasn’t so bad.

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