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Rocky Road

I was on my way to Florida, helping my dad move. We were working our way through the mountains when it started pouring rain in a U-haul truck towing my dad’s 84′ Cavalier. The rain was so thick you could barely see the tail-lights of the person in front of us. My dad, of course, was sound asleep in the passenger seat. There was no room to stop on the winding mountain road so we had to keep going. About seven minutes in, we’re going downhill and I see the guy in front of me brake. I hit the brakes and nothing happens. Now we’re sliding down the road about to hit the guy in front of us, so I swerve to the side and start pumping the breaks. Half on the road, half off the road, we managed to stop about a car’s length passed the guy in front of us. Seconds later we got back on the road and continued on our way like it was no big deal. Oh, did I mention my dad slept through the whole thing?

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