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Fried Potato Soup Bites

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Appetizer | fun

Prep Time:

40 minutes



Hot, frozen potato soup bites coated in our pork rinds?!? That sounds crazy - crazy good! Not only is this appetizer fun to make, but they’re also a tasty tailgate snack.


    Fried Potato Soup Bites:

    • 2 cups Southern Recipe Pork Rinds, crushed
    • 2 cups Loaded chunky potato soup
    • 1 cup Flour
    • 2 Eggs


1. Chill loaded potato soup in refrigerator.
2. Line a tray with parchment paper.
3. Scoop spoonfuls of chilled soup on parchment.
4. Freeze until frozen (approx. 30 minutes).
5. Roll frozen bite in flour, egg wash, and crushed pork rinds.
6. Deep fry at 400 °F for 45-60 seconds or until golden.

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