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Pepper Wrapped Dog with Pork Rinds

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bbq | Easy | fun | grill | pork rind recipe | summer

Prep Time:

15 minutes




    Pepper Wrapped Hot Dog Topped with Pork Rinds:

    • 2 cups Southern Recipe Pork Rinds, crushed
    • 8 Hot dogs
    • 8 Hot dog buns
    • 8 large Serrano peppers
    • 8 slices American cheese
    • 1 Onion, sliced
    • Oil for cooking the onions


Slice each hot dog length wise and add one slice of American cheese into each hot dog.

Cut stem and tip off of Serrano pepper and remove seeds.

Slide one pepper over the hot dog, repeat for each hot dog.

Grill on low heat, rotate slowly.

While hot dogs are grilling, add oil and onions in a frying pan and slowly caramelize. When onions are almost cooked, mix in Southern Recipe Pork Rinds. Once mixed, remove from heat.

Remove grilled hot dogs, place in bun and add pork rind/onion mixture.

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