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Pork Rind Donuts

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Easy | low carb | Side | side dish | snack | snacks | sweet | sweet treat

Prep Time:

20 minutes




    Pork Rind Donuts:

    • 1/2 cup Southern Recipe Original Pork Rinds, finely ground
    • 1 Tbsp. Almonds
    • 1/4 tsp. Baking powder
    • 3 tsp Sugar substitute
    • 1 Egg
    • 1/2 tsp. Vanilla extract
    • Peanut oil for frying


Heat oil to 360°F.
Grind the pork rinds and almonds in a blender until they resemble the size of bread crumbs.

Add the sugar and baking powder and mix well. Blend in egg and vanilla extract. Drop by tablespoonful into the hot oil and fry until puffed and golden.

Drain donuts on paper towels. Mix powdered sugar substitute and cinnamon together and sprinkle on top of hot donuts. Enjoy warm!

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