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Pretty Pork Rind

If you're looking for the best pork rinds and cracklins, look no further - we've got 'em right here.

What makes our snacks really delicious? It's all about where you start - that's the quality of the pellets. Our proprietary process results in the best flavor and the biggest crunching rinds. This is our gift to you, Rind Lover!

Original Southern Recipe Chicharrones


pork rinds

Grandpa used to say that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So we kept our recipe the same for over 60 years!

Recently, we improved our packaging to make sure our pork rinds stay fresher longer. Fresh rinds are better rinds!

Keeping the ingredients simple isn't easy, but it is what's best for everyone, including our friends on low carb diets. Thanks for the good advice, Grandpa!

Good pork rinds
Southern Recipe Hot and Spicy Pork Rinds

Hot & Spicy

pork rinds

We keep getting fan mail from hot heads who want even more heat with their pork rinds. Can you blame them?

hot rinds

And we're up for the challenge because these pig skins aren't just hot (kicked up with chili peppers), but they're also complex.

This vintage taste burns just right - with hints of garlic and paprika, this isn't just a one-note heat.

Southern Recipe Chili and Lime

chili & lime

pork rinds

We’ve got the flavor that’s perfect for a chill afternoon - Chile & Lime Pork Rinds. Just the right amount of heat with a slight tart tang from the lime - these rinds are sure to take your snack game up a notch.

Chili and Lime Pork Rinds from Southern Recipe
original pork cracklins


pork cracklins

Cracklins are an iconic Southern snack. Crispy pieces of pork skin fried to perfection for a BIG crunch. This delicious crunchy bacon flavored treat is the meaty companion to the traditional pork rind.